Miskay Boutique is a Nigerian-based fashion retail company established in August 2012 with a simple idea of bridging the gap between the European vibrant fast fashion culture and the Lagos eccentric and fast-paced lifestyle.

Miskay represents every girl, every woman, and, in recent times, represents men with the introduction of Miskaymen in 2018. It started with two suitcases in the boot of a car in the early part of 2012 and quickly grew into the traditional brick and mortar retail sector with the opening of its first store on August 2012 on the popular Toyin street in Ikeja Lagos.

Miskay came into the industry in the pre-social media era when social media was not the phenomenon it is today. The advent of social media technology further pushed the outreach of Miskay into the consciousness of its vibrant young target market.

Miskay can simply be defined as a lifestyle brand. Our target audience is everyone that loves life and loves style. Our philosophy is simple: while you love life, then you should have fun loving it. This is very evident in our style of fashion, store aesthetic, and online and social media presence. We are not just another fashion retailer; we are a lifestyle brand.

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